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Legal Things

General Data Protection Regulation

In accordance with the GDPR, site visitors have the right to access their data or "be forgotten." There are steps for me to follow if you want to be permanently deleted from the archives of this site. I am happy to oblige, I do want to mention the steps to delete your info involves confirming your identity, which is not information I would otherwise ask of you. just let me know if this is something you want to do, let me know via the form on the Contact Page. For more information on the steps involved, please visit this webpage or research GDPR.

Terms of Service

By using my website, you agree to view my artwork, which includes all website images, illustrations, and photos, without redistribution. Unless otherwise noted, all works posted here are works of my own and are protected by Creative Commons (CC) licensing. Works on the "Links I Like" page are property of the individuals they are related to, all rights reserved.

As a viewer of my works, you may download and use for personal use (eg, you may have my illustrations printed onto a phone case for yourself or as a gift to a friend,) however you may not use my works for profit (eg, you may not have my illustrations printed onto consumer goods, including phone cases, for sale to customers.)

You may share my artwork online so long as there is a visible, functioning link which is able to point viewers back to me at either this website ( or my Instagram (Louise.Studios) on the condition of any existing watermarks on the artwork remain in tact. 


If you wish to purchase the licensing for existing works, or commission works from me, you may email me at or use the form on the "Contact Page." Depending on the situation, I may ask for a fair donation, a percentage of the sale, an exact amount, or a price per hour of work. All transactions take place on PayPal, and I will never ask for your password, and please don't send it to me. See below for more on PayPal, or go see PayPal's User Agreement for more information.

Posting allows Members to join the File Share app. At the time, Membership roles are disabled. As the File Share App is set to Admin-Only posting, site Visitors will be able to download files for personal use, but will not be able to post. If you wish to show me how you've used the downloaded pieces, feel free to Tag me on Instagram, @Louise.Studios or on Twitter @MLouiseBurns, or go ahead and send me an email directly



Any harassment or solicitation unrelated to my work (whether through email or through the "contact page") will result in blocking and/or reporting your account through whichever service I am being harassed or solicited through. I reserve the right to determine what counts or does not count as harassment/solicitation.

Privacy Policy

Hi, I'm Louise. I'm an artist, millennial, and most importantly, a human. I don't like spam mail, and I'm sure I'm not alone on that. Every email sent from my end is hand-typed by me, and I don't do newsletters. If you wish to subscribe to my work, please follow me on Instagram @Louise.Studios . Instagram has its own Privacy Policy, go check them out if you're interested.

All information collected on this site is either Site Analytics, which I use "Visitor Analytics" for. It will keep track of which pages on my site get the most visits, and will count how many unique visitors I've received. It also has a feature to tell from which countries I get visitors from, but it does not pinpoint locations by any means. For more information, you can read up on "Visitor Analytics" right here.


Any real information I have actual access to is collected in the form on the "contact page" (ie, your Name and Email) or on my PayPal Page (Currently Unavailable) which will collect your PayPal Email, and an optional mailing address. There is no need to fill out the mailing address if you are receiving a digital item, however, if I'm mailing something somewhere, I will need a way to send it to you. All billing information goes through PayPal and I will never have direct access to your money accounts. 

All information regarding sales will be saved for tax reasons. If applicable, any emails, invoices or contracts will be printed out and kept on file for between one and thirty years. Again, I have no reason to share any personal information of yours with anyone or anything with the exception of contract breaches. In the event of me catching a contract breach or a for-profit use of my artwork without having attained a contract to use the work, I will need to share any related information with a lawyer.

I use Google's Gmail as my primary email, and as I understand, your contact name and email address will be saved in my contact book automatically by Google. As per your request, you may email me at any time and I will delete your information from my contact book manually. This will not block you from emailing me, but it will delete you from my records. Google saves records of its own, but this is out of my control.

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