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Upcoming Shows

Current Merchandise

Listed below are photos of merchandise I currently make for shows! Listed below that is more information about shows I've previously done, including links to dedicated pages, as well as a link to my full CV.

Previous Shows

Louise has a growing history of attending as both an Artist and as a Vendor. Listed below are a few photos linking to more recent shows.

for a complete list, please click on the following link to view my complete >>CV

Moms bracelets and necklaces.JPG

Art Beat, South Bend, IN.

August, 2023


Return to the largest annual Art Festival in South Bend! Again, sharing a booth with my Mother, Laurie Coffel, we requested this time around a booth near Howard Park!


It was a beautiful day, we sold a decent amount of merchandise and met a ton of people!


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Rebel Art Fest, South Bend, IN.

September, 2022


Hosted by Make South Bend, the Rebel Art Fest is an annual Art Festival complete with food trucks, music, and art vendors galore.


What I love about Rebel is the audience who attends, they really seem to be a group of my peers. Even though it was September, no one had anything negative to say when I put out my "Vulture Culture" type wares, in fact I got plenty of positive feedback about my bat prints. "Spooky but not Halloween."


Rebel is a great festival and I'm hopeful to make attending an annual tradition.


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Raccoon Skull
Happy Winter from Denver! I've set my sights on an art fair in my hometown called Art Beat

Art Beat, South Bend, IN.

August, 2018


One of my first large craft fairs, I shared a booth with Laurie Coffel.


For the show, I was somewhat enthusiastic towards my Sister's pregnancy, so I developed a variety of stuffed animals and nursery decor! The show was a real learning opportunity, and I've unfortunately retired most of the products offered at this show, but I still love the pieces made for it.


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Christmas Market, current merchandise

Upcoming November/December?


I like to make crafting kits to keep on hand for whenever I have the opportunity to do Christmas bazaars/Holiday markets!


So far, there's an emphasis on ornament kits, but overall, around Christmas time, I'm normally focusing on ways to keep my Nibblings entertained. Crafting kits might not be perfect, but they make decent stocking stuffers, and it gives me a nice excuse to hang out with the Craft Fair crowd.


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