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Louise grew up in the midwestern city of Mishawaka, Indiana with an older and a younger sister, named Katie and Jennifer respectively, and with their parents, Scott and Laurie.


Louise now lives with her Husband, Zach, and their dog, Bonnie out West in the City of Spokane, Washington. It's pretty far from the rest of their family, but on the plus side, there are some pretty neat trails to hike. So far, we've seen 5 moose on 3 different occasions. Which Louise thinks is cool.


Please meet Bonnie. She is Louise's resident good-girl, pure-bred shelter mutt, and Louise's absolute favorite. Bonnie is spoiled rotten to the core, demanding wet food on top of her kibble, our own dinner scraps, a dental treat, and then a spot next to us on the couch, in that order, every single night.


We're currently working with being okay not saying hi to other dogs that happen to be jogging with their humans, but we'll get it eventually. 

Louise has a ton to owe to her parents for enabling her artistic talents, both in the moral support growing up sense as well as the genetically inherited sense. 

Her Father, Scott, is the practical-application type of artisan. His day job may be running the family vending business, but if he decides he's unhappy with available options to buy, he'll probably craft something himself. For instance, he designed the home I grew up in. He's designed the house they're currently constructing for Scott, Laurie and Jan (Louise's Grandmother) to grow old in.

When Louise was young, and still going by her first name, Scott and "Megan"  would build projects together in the garage. The best project they made is still around, in fact. It's a workbench with a sign that can be flipped around to either say "Megan's Workbench" or "Lemonade Stand." These days, Louise's Mom uses it in her "Oasis."


Laurie, Louise's Mother is much more into aesthetics than practical application. Most of the time, when Laurie creates, it's either a purely beautiful creation, or to make something with sentimental purpose. 

Laurie's latest venture involves curating and renting out vintage dishes for events. It's cool she's getting a chance to share her love for vintage china and glassware, and even cooler she's making this neat collection so accessible. If you're interested, try checking out her website here at this link.

The Trellis, as pictured to the right, is actually a combination of all three of us working together.


Scott created the frame out of dismantled easels (he had made the easels for Louise's High School Graduation party/art show four years prior.) Laurie crafted the paper flowers, along with the rest of the wedding's flowers, and Louise stained the trellis and arranged and attached the flowers, lights and tulle to the trellis. Where is it now? In Laurie's Oasis with potted Aloe and Spider plants hanging from it.

Does it look familiar? See if you can spot it in CentiPete... Little did I know when I designed it, I would be making it for my own wedding just months later...

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