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A story about a CentiPede with Love in his Heart.

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"Anything for Love." Pete said, the Witch prepared the spell.

"I can remove your extra limbs..." The Forest Witch said to Pete...

...That is, the way he went crunch!

There was once a Giant Centipede named Pete.

Pete was unlike the other insects, for he had love in his heart.

One day, Pete fell for a Huntress with eyes as sharp as her arrows.

But there was one problem with falling for the Huntress...

Looking to lose a few limbs, Pete went to the Forest Witch for some help.

... She had a serious distaste for creepy crawlies.

Each of Pete's sections split off and became its own person.

Having been the section with the head, this Pete retained all of his memories and his soul...

Pete soon forgot the Huntress and the Tarantula truly did love Pete...

"Why so gloom?" a Tarantula spoke from the trees. "I think your legs are perfect."

"If only I didn't  have these horrible legs," Pete cried, "I could find love!"

"You need to find someone who loves you for you," the Forest Witch said, "legs and all."

The wedding was off! The Huntress fled from the monster, Pete, who fled to the Forest Witch.

With all of them touching, Pete morphed back into a Giant Centipede!

Pete did well to avoid his brethren, until his wedding day when they caught up to him!

But the others, without purpose or meaning felt lost. They wished to reconnect.

He went off to meet the Huntress. She found him quite charming.

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